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Music Ministry

Men's Ministry

Hello and welcome to the Convent Avenue Baptist Church Men’s Ministry


Our ministry meetings and events are open to all brother members of Convent Avenue Baptist Church and we invite you to join us.  The brothers of the Ministry are glad you have an interest in learning more.  Please click the links below to find out what we are doing.


The official address for the Men’s Ministry is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please write to us at this address to ask specific questions, or, to make suggestions about our Ministry.


PLEASE take the time before you leave the Men’s Ministry site to complete the Information Card and send that information to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we are able to contact you.  You will be added to the ministry email group.  Click the link, complete the information, save the file, return it to us.  THANK YOU. 


We look forward to you joining us at our next meeting and to your participation at our next Men’s Ministry events.


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Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry, formerly the Women's Missionary Fellowship, acts to provide a community and fellowship where women are encouraged to develop deeper personal relationships with Jesus Christ, enhance personal development, growth and build relationships with other women in the church body. We are committed to missions and service to the community and to the world. We host the Annual Women's "Time Out" Retreat, our yearly Prayer Breakfast, and Women's Day Celebration.

Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

The YAMs held are comprised of   young adult’s members (18-49) new to CABC. They host a quarterly New Member Social where new members in that age group are allowed to  fellowship this event also serves as an opportunity to assist in bridging members into ministries of their interest. During YAM Week, this ministry also co-host a Good Friday service with the Voices of Convent. Each year they are responsible for "God Did It!" a New Year's Eve celebration of what God has done in our lives.

Baby Dedication Ministry

One of the great joys of CABC is to see growing families. As Baptists we do not believe in infant baptism. The children are dedicated to the Lord as seen in Mark 10:13-16 where parents brought their children to Jesus to be blessed.

Convent Kids

The Children's Ministry mission is to meet the needs of children and establish/strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. This ministry provides activities to incorporate in the life of our children here at CABC.  The Children’s Ministry collaborates with the Sick & Shut-In Ministry on the days when our sick and shut in are transported in for worship service. They sing and make "We Care For You" cards for them. This ministry also has an Annual Children's Ministry Block Party, which is open to the community and the church,  participates in Operation Christmas Child, a global Christmas gift exchange project operated by Samaritan's Purse-a non-denominational, evangelical Christian organization that works worldwide to assist people in physical need, alongside their  Christian  missionary  work. 

Saturday Children's Fellowship (SCF)

The SCF ministry serves as a building block for our children's future by offering an array of free programs designed to encourage their academic, emotional and spiritual growth.  In addition to Bible Study, Manners & Etiquette, Reading, Math, Computer Literacy, Speech, Drama, School Readiness, and Ethnic Group Studies, they have a Christmas Celebration where the children participate in a play about the birth of Jesus Christ. Classes are held on Saturdays (except for the 5th Saturday of the month), from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., for children ages 4 to 12. A light lunch is provided.

Chosen Youth Ministry

The Chosen Youth Ministry is a biblically functioning community of students and leaders gripped by Jesus Christ's love, acceptance and forgiveness. They seek to be catalysts for transforming the lives of young people by leading them into a faith relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them experience God's healing, to love God and others, and equip them to carry Christ's mission to affect change wherever they are. After the weekly Children and Youth worship services, our youth (ages 13-18) meet for Baptist Youth Fellowship (BYF) in the Pierson Youth Building, where they fellowship together as they explore biblical topics for Christian youth development. CYM holds an Annual Back to School J.A.M., where members who are graduating high school seniors and are active in the ministry receive Survival Kits. These Survival Kits consisted of backpacks filled with toiletries, a study Bible, stationary, snacks and other supplies that young people may need as they move onto the next stage in their lives. Other activities have include taking chosen youth to Battle cry Youth (considered one of the world's largest youth conference), and attending the American Baptist Church Youth Convocation.

Evangelism Ministry

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus gives the great commission to spread the gospel throughout the world, and we have made that our mission. We have touched over 10,000 lives this year through the distribution of gospel tracts by the entire church. The ministry, under the leadership of Rev. Morgan, teams up with several of the church ministries to provide prayer and outreach with our Prayer Station. The Evangelism Ministry host The Walk for Jesus yearly, where we take the witness of Jesus Christ to the community. This ministry holds two 13-week Evangelism Explosion training courses that impacted the participants both personally in the church and at home.

Umoja (Ministry of International Visitation & Foreign Mission)

Umoja is motivated to serve our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ with the gift of hospitality and foreign missions. Each year we welcome international visitors to our church; greeting and providing them with information about our services in their language. 

Stephens Ministry

Here at Convent, there are presently 6 leaders and 12 trained and commissioned Stephen Ministers ready to serve our congregation; this includes the 3 recently commissioned candidates. Stephen Ministers provide strictly confidential one to one distinctively Christian care to those persons experiencing various types of life's crisis. Stephen Ministers are committed to walk with care receivers as long as needed, showing the love and the compassion of Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry

Matthew 25:36 says "I was in prison and you visited me"

Whether visiting the juveniles in the New York City Juvenile Detention Center or the adults on Ryker’s Island our prison ministry takes this statement to heart. This ministry brings attention to the injustices African-Americans and Latinos disproportionally suffer in the dominant culture, and advocates for correction of those injustices.


Sick and Shut-In Ministry

This ministry aids those who are sick at home and/or in medical facilities. Twice a year the shut-ins and their caregivers were transported to church for the 11 a.m. worship service, served communion, lunch and a gift bag. During the Christmas season Christmas baskets are delivered to those sick at home as well as residents of nursing facilities. Working closely with the Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Committee this ministry delivers dinners from the church to the sick and shut-in and their caregivers.

Food Pantry

The CABC Food Pantry has been serving the community since 1985. The pantry is open to the neighborhood Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 noon. During which time qualifying individuals receive various food products for home consumption.  Working along with the Homeless Ministry, men, women and children's clothing are also distributed during pantry hours. On the third Monday of each month Harlem Hospital provided a health screening team to check blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Pantry workers are also pursuing training in Food Stamps eligibility to better educate our community patrons.

Willing Workers

Willing Workers collect food for the pantry bi-monthly and volunteer with the Minister of Social Services to assist in the Senior Citizens Advocacy & Monitoring Program (S.C.A.M.P.). Willing Workers carried out their duties for the Senior Saints by visiting them at nursing homes such as Amsterdam Nursing Home (Manhattan), Isabella Nursing Home (Manhattan) and Jewish Nursing Home (Bronx).

Ministry of Remembrance

Throughout our history, Convent Avenue has been blessed with persons who have served faithfully and rendered outstanding service to our church. Although they are no longer with us, we remember them and are grateful for their sacrifices and labor of love.

Mentoring Ministry

Our mission is to promote the personal, social, cultural and spiritual development of young people from 8-18 years of age. We believe that this can be accomplished  by one-on-one sharing of our experiences, wisdom, talents and structured group activities.

Nurses’s Ministry

Trained by the American Red Cross to give emergency first aid to people who become ill or emotionally overwhelmed while at church.  Also, we visit 57 churches a year, and our mission is the Harlem Nursing Home.  We also provide first aid for our ministry members. 

Parent’s Ministry

Support given to the children and youth of our church as they grow in their spiritual walk.

Progressive Ministry

Raises financial resources for scholarship assistance for the young men and women who are entering and continuing education in college/professional training schools.

Business Empowerment Ministry

A spiritual channel to empower those members of our church who are business owners, self-employed or thinking of starting a business by providing information, resources and forums to promote the development and enhancement of their economic and professional endeavors.

Comfort Ministry

Provides spiritual support and comfort to follow up with those members of our church who have suffered loss of a loved one.

Food Pantry

Provides packaged food goods to those in need in our church and community on Monday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Greater Harlem Nursing Home

Provides worship services every Sunday (between 8am and 11am services) for residents of the nursing home. 

Hamilton Grange Senior Citizen Center

A multi-service senior citizen center:  Nutrition program, transportation and escort services available along with social, cultural and educational activities.

Yes We Care

A social action ministry which seeks through the social action program to promote the caring concerns of our church in response to the critical issues of the day. 

Test Ministry

This is a test.