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Convent Avenue Baptist Church

2018 Annual Theme:


“A Church making disciples for Jesus Christ,

Who will make more disciples for Jesus Christ”


Matthew 9:37-38; Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:14-18; John 8:31-32

John 13:34-35; Acts 14:20-22; 2 Timothy 2:2


In the church of today, we must clearly understand that there is a big difference between “membership” and “discipleship”.  A member is someone who can claim affiliation based on a criteria that is determined by the particular group.  One may be a member of some group because they simply signed up, or because they paid some money, or even by going through some type of intake process or procedure. 

     In the Bible, Jesus never once told the church to make “members.”  In fact, Jesus never uses that language because the church is unlike any other organization of human origin.  The Christian movement that Jesus started and His church are not simply based on human rituals or standards for membership.  Even though we are often tempted to think of the church as just another organization like the others we join, it certainly is not!  It is not like a club, a fraternity, sorority, a social organization, professional guild or any other group like that.  One of the ways that the devil has stolen some of the relevance and realism of the church as Jesus intends it to be is by making the church appear as if it is just another group that can be easily substituted for in a person’s life.  So, for people both inside and outside of the church, at times it is unfortunately viewed as something that is irrelevant, man-made, and secular in nature.

     Jesus told the church to make “disciples”.  A disciple is a learner, one who embraces and chooses to live by the teachings of someone that they are learning from.  The church’s clear calling is to go into the world and make disciples for Jesus Christ.  Not only are we supposed to witness and evangelize people so that they will come to know Jesus for themselves, but we are also responsible for nurturing them, caring for them, teaching them, protecting them, and leading them so that they can grow into who God wants them to be and then replicate themselves and help someone else become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Yes, we are supposed to multiply by making disciples who will then go forth and make other disciples for Jesus Christ.  That is how the church and the Kingdom of God grow and prosper here on earth.  With all of the other things that we are busy with in the life of the church, we must never forget to keep the “main thing as the main thing.”  The main thing, the most important thing, the thing that God commands us to do and holds us accountable for doing is to make disciples for Him.  The life journey of a disciple is filled with both joys and challenges, and Jesus shows us in His teaching and preaching in the Bible how we should do it in a way that will please God.   We are true disciples of Jesus Christ when we learn about Him, and most importantly live the way He has taught us in the world. 


Convent Avenue Baptist Church

2018 Monthly Worship and Bible Study Themes:



JANUARY           “Disciples Consecrated and Ready to Serve the Lord”



FEBRUARY        “Disciples Faithful in their Stewardship”



MARCH               “The Prayer Life of a Disciple”



APRIL                  “Disciples inspired by the Resurrection of Jesus”



MAY                    “Disciples Witnessing and Sharing the Gospel with others”



JUNE                   “Women as Faithful Disciples”



JULY                             “Disciples Studying the Scripture”



AUGUST             “Disciples showing the Love of Jesus Christ to one another”



SEPTEMBER     “Disciples as True Worshippers”



OCTOBER                   “Men as Faithful Disciples”



NOVEMBER       “Disciples overcoming Trials and Tribulations”



DECEMBER       “Disciples experiencing Joy from Jesus”